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The top three benefits of rowing are STRENGTH, POWER and ENDURANCE. That’s why Palm Beach Row offers STRENGTH, POWER and ENDURANCE classes, allowing you to decide which rowing benefit you want to focus on each day. We also offer a RECOVERY style that focuses on mobility and the elements of rowing that just make the body feel good.

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  • Full-Body
  • Weight Training
  • Strength Building
  • Heavy Resistance

Palm Beach Row strength workouts involve an even split between rowing time and weight lifting time. We believe that strength and beauty go hand in hand. Our strength workouts are designed to make you stronger while maintaining a lean appearance. Expect mid-distance rowing efforts combined with heavier resistance weight training.

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  • Speed
  • Full-Body
  • High Intensity
  • Agility
  • Quick Reps

Palm Beach Row power workouts have an emphasis on speed. The rowing efforts are short and intense with a focus on extreme leg drive. These classes involve larger amounts of recovery to encourage rowers to give their absolute best when they have the opportunity to work. During power workouts, the weight room portion focuses on quick reps, agility, and/or heavier resistance. Although these workouts are very demanding and will challenge our most determined athletes, they can also be useful for beginners who have not built up their stamina yet and appreciate the increased rest periods.

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  • Interval Training
  • Core Work
  • Light Resistance
  • Longer Rowing Sets

Palm Beach Row endurance workouts include the largest amount of rowing of all of our classes. Although our endurance workouts will involve much longer rowing distances, we believe in the benefits of interval training and break up many of the longer efforts into undulating intensities. These classes put your mental fortitude to the test and require excellent form, even when your body gets tired. Expect stretching, core work, and light resistance training during your limited breaks from the rower. Rowing involves almost every muscle in the body and we take full advantage of that in our endurance classes.

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  • Pilates
  • Low Intensity
  • Flexibility
  • Strength Building

Palm Beach Row recovery workouts incorporate a variety of Pilates techniques in combination with rowing. These workouts are designed to amplify your results from our entire system while pampering your body and spirit. Palm Beach Row is more than just a workout, it is a lifestyle and the best results come from a continual routine of working out and a mastery of movement. Our recovery workouts will improve your body’s ability to perform at a high level and leave you feeling refreshed and prepared for your next week of workouts. Expect lower intensities on the rower with a deliberate focus on improving your flexibility and mobility while strengthening your stabilizing muscles.

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